How We Work

We believe that we can provide the best work for our clients by offering fixed bid contracts on a case-by-case basis. We determine the bid by reviewing the scope of work with project managers and stakeholders. By offering a fixed bid solution, we can ensure that we will optimize our internal workflow for a quick turnaround.

For field surveys and travel, we have a standard rate sheet. We can travel anywhere in the world, from a jack-up rig in our backyard here in the Gulf of Mexico to an installation in northern Russia. We’ve been everywhere and we’re ready to go with passports and HUET certifications in hand.

Why you should work with us!

Long-lasting client relationships

We aim to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’ve been in business a long time, just like the majority of the offshore drilling, operator, and shipyard clients we work with. We want to be an integral part of our clients’ valued resources. Our experience and professionalism drives us to be exceptional when it comes to providing engineered solutions for the most difficult MODU ventilation, air borne noise control, and engine exhaust problems.

Education and understanding

We also like to educate our clients on the engineering behind our solutions so that they understand why our solution will work. Appropriate methods for the ventilation of MODUs are quite different from other ventilation applications. You can be sure we are addressing the root cause of your problem and not just providing a bandage.

Safety is top priority

Additionally, we know a simple miscalculation could cause injury or loss of life. The safety of your personnel is the highest priority on our lists. We are proud to report that there has never been a case of personal injury offshore that related to an Eldridge Engineering Group designed and furnished ventilation system. We take care to make sure we don’t place your rig or people in jeopardy.

Need more reasons why you should work with us? Read up on our company history or check out our various patented equipment solutions. You can even read about the types of surveys we conduct.

Contact us today to talk about how we can engineer a solution for your ventilation or airborne noise problem.


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