What We Do

We specialize in machinery space ventilation and related noise control solutions for mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs). With over 130 years of combined engineering experience in the industry, you can expect the highest caliber of work from us—we’ve got the history and experience to back it up!

We put creative thought into machinery space ventilation.

We have engineered and provided ventilation modifications to established rigs on location and we’ve also furnished totally complete ventilation systems on new-build rigs in the shipyard. Our ventilation and noise control solutions have been applied on offshore drilling units that are operating all over the globe from the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle East, from South America to the Arctic Circle.

We’ve worked on every part of the MODUs including:

  • engine rooms
  • pontoons
  • mud pump rooms
  • shell shakers
  • sack cutting rooms
  • rotary tables
  • air compressor rooms
  • top drives
  • p-tank rooms
  • draw works
  • caissons
  • the drill floor

Solutions First

Many companies offer to survey your rig, but will only end up telling you that you have a heat or noise problem. Eldridge is different. We survey your rig with the goal in mind of solving your problem. You do not need Eldridge to tell you the engine room is too hot—you already knew that before you called us! What you need is a fast and workable solution. That is what Eldridge provides. We figure out what it’s going to take to get your machinery running as efficiently as possible and keep your people safe at the same time.

We look out for your best interest

When we embark on a new project, we take the owners’ best interests into account. We ask ourselves, “If this were my rig, how would I go about achieving the best end result?” By taking this approach, we make sure our solution is feasible, cost effective, low-maintenance, oil field robust, and long lasting.

Leaders in innovation

Eldridge Engineering Group is also the leader in ventilation, acoustic, and engine exhaust innovation. We’ve got seven patented solutions under our belts. Each one of our patents was borne out of our solving long-standing and industry-wide problems. We bring our passion for innovation to the table when we take on a new project.

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