As the kids head back to school, take this quick opportunity to educate yourself about heat stress (Infographic).


August 2015

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Back to School!

As the kids head back to school this fall, you may be looking forward to some much-needed focus and productivity at work. Don't let the cooler temperatures lure you into a sense of security though... heat stress can still be a problem for your facilities. Check out this month's blog post and infographic to educate yourself!

Last days of summer

What You Need to Know About Heat Stress

Did you know that your equipment can suffer from heat stress just like people can? Of course, when people suffer from heat stress, it is a much more dire concern, but nonetheless, it's important to take into account what can possibly happen to your equipment.

This month, we've covered heat stress in detail, from the warning signs in workers to precautions you can take to safeguard your equipment. 

For those of you who don't have time to read the post, we've even created this infographic!


Heat Stress Infographic

Classic AirMail

AirMail August 2015


Motivational Break!

"Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail." - Henry Petroski

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Saying goodbye to summer can be tough... 

I don't know about you, but I am ready to say hello to fall! As the humid Houston weather starts to break in the coming months, be on the lookout for your invitation to our next Eldridge event. I'll keep you posted!


Ann Marie Shaw