Eldridge Pit Boss Coalescer

US Patent 7,905,947

Published: March 15, 2011

What does the Pit Boss Coalescer do?

The Pit Boss Coalescer is a type of filter assembly that works within an Eldridge Mud Pit Extraction System to filter potentially hazardous fog and fumes from Mud Pit Rooms on offshore drilling units.

Pit Boss Coalescer installed on rig

All rigs have a need for this type of equipment to filter out fog from this area. Mud pits, also known as mud tanks, are sectioned off from the rest of the rig, but unfortunately, the fog and unpleasant fumes in this space can make working in the Mud Pit Room hot and unhealthy. Long-term exposure to these fluids can also be hazardous to a worker’s health if not filtered properly.

The Pit Boss Coalescer does a superior job of filtering fluid and solid contaminants from the airflow in your Eldridge supplied extraction system. Once the fluids are filtered from the air, the angle of the Pit Boss filter element allows the mud to coalesce and drain back into the tank, keeping the work area inside the Mud Pit Room clean and free from fog and fumes.

How does the Pit Boss Coalescer work?

First, we install a header pipe from the first pit to the exhaust outlet. Pit Boss Coalescers are then installed on top of each mud pit and connected to the header pipe. Air flows from the outside using the Mud Pit Room supply fan, providing fresh air to the room, and then into the pits by means of small grates.

In the Eldridge system, we use an Extraction Fan to draw the air out of the pits and into the Pit Boss to filter contaminants from the airflow. This filtered air then travels through the header pipe, through the Extraction Fan to a location close to the Mud Pit Room exhaust fan and is then conveyed out of the room.

Mud Pit Extraction System Diagram

This method of ventilation allows workers to service equipment above the mud tanks in a much cleaner environment. The fog you see in a traditional setup is nearly non-existent using Pit Boss Coalescers.

Another unique feature of the Pit Boss is the air filter angle. As air moves through, droplets are trapped within the filter. Because of the pleats in the filter material and the angle of the filter, the droplets are able to coalesce and drop back into the pit.

The filters themselves are easily cleaned and reused. Simply remove it from the housing and rinse it off with water. They are made from stainless steel, so they are resistant to corrosion. They can be cleaned one at a time, which means you don’t need to shut down the system for maintenance!

How can I get a Pit Boss Coalescer installed on my drilling rig? 

The Pit Boss can be installed in any mud pit setup or on top of shale shakers.

Contact us and include any specs you have on your current setup. If you prefer, call us at our headquarters in Houston at 713-780-7200.

Pit Boss Coalescer

Filter inside a Pit Boss Coalescer