tunnel-marketTunnel dampers are essential to maintaining life safety in transportation tunnels. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide the right dampers for the job.
Requirements will change based on location, length of the tunnel, and what type of tunnel is being constructed. We understand the complex requirements and hold numerous certifications on worldwide standards.


Featured Projects

  • Flamgard Tunnel Projects
    • Heathrow Express Rail Link London
    • Lantau and Airport Railway Hong Kong
    • A86 Auto Route Paris
    • Ankara Metro Turkey
    • Athens Metro Greece
    • Bandung Underpass Korea
    • Taipei Underground Railway Taiwan
    • Paris A1 Road Tunnel
    • Frejus Road Tunnel Italy
    • Bangkok Metro
    • Monaco Tunnel
    • RATP Tunnel
    • London Power Cable Tunnels
    • West Rail
    • Sydney Eastern
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