Eldridge offers a variety of capabilities to provide your company with a custom solution. Our engineering consultants will come to your location with the knowledge of the latest methods and tools to make a full analysis of your systems. We aim to be an extension of your company’s engineering team.

Providing solutions to industry problems is a passion for us. We offer many services, including:

  • Ventilation

    A variety of problems can be easily remedied with a ventilation survey. Is your facility experiencing any of these symptoms of improper ventilation?

    • Excessive dust
    • Doors difficult to open or slamming shut
    • High humidity and condensation
    • Poor air quality
    • Excessive heat
    • Excessive noise

    There's no need to suffer any of these conditions. Let one of our engineers diagnose the problem and offer the right solution.

  • Acoustics

    Whether or not your facility is subject to noise regulations, it's a good idea to keep loud machinery noise to a minimum for worker safety and comfort. When noise is left untreated it can lead to employee fatigue, poor employee satisfaction and retention, decreased performance, and even permanent hearing loss. We can help your noise abatement efforts by providing:

    • Acoustic evaluations for existing facilities
    • Acoustic recommendations for new construction
    • Silencers for old fans
    • New, quieter fans
    • Sound enclosures for equipment

    We have helped numerous customers over the years quiet their facilities. Our team has the vast experience necessary to help you reach your noise abatement goals.

  • Project Management

    Installing new ventilation equipment on a large-scale project is not something that should be taken lightly. If you need to be sure the equipment is being installed properly, call on us to manage the installation. From engineering design FEED to Project Delivery Eldridge manages:

    • Ventilation engineering design
    • Ventilation equipment specification
    • Budgetary goals
    • Equipment procurement
    • Product delivery
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Planning and scheduling
  • System Design

    We always say it's better to start off with the right equipment than to have to go back and retrofit flawed equipment--it saves you time, money, and resources. We are passionate about designing ventilation system to reach optimal efficiency. Some of the tools and methods we use to accomplish this include:

    • Fluid flow systems analysis
    • Heat load evaluations
    • CFD and FEA analysis
    • System drawings
    • Equipment specification
    • Purchasing

Do you have any questions about how we work or what we can do? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and let us show you what we can do for you.


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