ENJET History

In 2005, a major offshore drilling contractor came to Eldridge for a solution to eliminate diesel engine exhaust particulate and fume contamination on their Mobile Offshore Drilling Rig. The engine exhaust was coating walkways and equipment, creating safety and maintenance problems, and migrating into ventilation systems. The diesel exhaust was causing respiratory and eye irritation issues for the people working on the rig. The problem existed during all engine load and wind conditions.

Eldridge engineers knew that they could solve this problem and invented a device that mixed the output from a non-stall, non-overload blower with the hot engine exhaust to maintain a high velocity discharge across a fixed nozzle.

Eldridge designed and built eight (8) prototype units which were installed on a new DP3 Semisubmersible operating in the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting Eldridge Engine Exhaust Jet Nozzle “ENJET” accomplished the goal of jetting the engine exhaust away from the rig at an extremely high velocity. The Eldridge ENJET solved all the engine exhaust fume problems exhibited on the rig. Plus, it was discovered that the ENJET also reduced the backpressure on the engine for higher efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

The Eldridge ENJET is a robust, easy-to-install device for continuous offshore marine and heavy industrial applications.

Because the hot engine exhaust never comes in contact with the blower section of Eldridge ENJET, the device is very low maintenance. There are now hundreds of Eldridge ENJETs in continuous operation on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. Each Eldridge ENJET is custom designed for a specific engine and exhaust system using a proprietary Eldridge computer model and algoritm–it is not a one-size-fits-all device. The Eldridge ENJET has patents in the United States and several other countries around the world.

Eldridge is the leading turnkey provider of marine ventilation systems for Mobile Offshore Drilling Rigs. Click through to learn more about the history of our company.

L.C. Eldridge Sales Co., Inc. and its Eldridge Engineering Group (div.) hold the exclusive worldwide license to US Patent No. 7,707,828 entitled “Method and Apparatus for Manipulating and Diluting Combustion Engine Exhaust Gases” and US Patent No. 7,708,625 entitled “Air Inlet and Outlet Hood”. This technology is marketed by the company as the Eldridge ENJET™ and the Eldridge Storm Guard Hood™.

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