ENJET Exhaust Systems

What does the ENJET do?

ENJET iconThe ENJET creates a high velocity exhaust stream to capture and expel noxious gases away from environments where people and equipment are in close proximity to the exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines.

Typically, on mobile offshore oil rigs and production platforms, rig workers are always in close proximity to the engine exhaust because space is limited out at sea. As the engine load varies, the engine exhaust volume and velocity varies as well. Because the rig is stationary, it cannot move away from the noxious engine exhaust like a ship traveling through the ocean or a car speeding down the freeway can. Harsh weather conditions and wind direction changes further hinder the dispersion of the exhaust gas away from the rig and cause the engine exhaust to roll back on the rig and up through the moon pool. This creates a dirty, unhealthy, and downright unpleasant work environment for rig hands and coats safety-related equipment like lifeboats and stairways with a hazardous, oily, black residue.

The ENJET solves this problem by diluting, dispersing, and jetting the engine exhaust away from the rig and work environment in a high velocity stream.


How does the ENJET work?

The ENJET is installed at the end of the existing engine exhaust pipe to supercharge the engine’s exhaust velocity away from the rig and work area.

Firstly, the ENJET includes a specially designed plenum and air pressurization system that sucks in ambient air, then mixes it with the engine exhaust gas, and then finally jets the combined mixture through a discharge nozzle at a velocity much faster than the engine exhaust gas velocity alone.

The second aspect that makes the ENJET unique is that the hot and corrosive engine exhaust gas does not come in contact with the air pressurization system’s mechanical components, thus lengthening the life of your system.

Thirdly, the ENJET is unique because it does not add any backpressure to the engine. In fact, it decreases engine backpressure, adding to the efficiency of the system.

Last, during emergency conditions, the engine exhaust can flow through the ENJET without the air pressurization system operating—just like it otherwise normally would, without adversely affecting the engine operation.

This patented ENJET technology was created by Eldridge and is offered exclusively through Eldridge.


How can I get an ENJET system installed on my drilling unit?

Each ENJET is truly unique—it is not a “one size fits all” device. Depending on the specifications of your exhaust system, we use our proprietary computer model and algorithm to determine exactly how the ENJET should be set up to work with and optimize your current system.

Once we have the exact technical information on your engine and exhaust layout, we will engineer and build your new ENJETs to meet your specific application needs.

Get started today by sending in our ENJET Application Form. A representative will be in touch with you shortly. If you prefer, give us a call at 713-780-7200.