Introducing Innovative Air Technologies

Eldridge is pleased to announce we are now offering top quality dehumidifiers from Innovative Air Technologies (IAT). From 75 – 20,000 CFM, IAT’s desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for any critical industrial or marine low dew point application.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer our customers this line of dehumidifiers,” said Joe Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Eldridge. “We know our customers will be very pleased with the performance, durability, and cost of IAT’s dehumidifier units.”

“We are dedicated to the customer,” said Kacy Orr, President and CEO of IAT. “Eldridge shares this dedication for customer service, so we are looking forward to serving a wider base with our excellent desiccant dehumidifiers products.”

IAT offers a full range of dehumidifiers for all applications, from corrosion prevention to product drying, from condensation prevention to dry cooling. If you need to have the moisture removed from an area in your facility, give Eldridge a call and we will specify an IAT unit to fit your needs.

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