World-leading Flamgard dampers, exclusively from Eldridge

We’re proud to announce that Eldridge Ventilation and Noise Control is now the Americas’ sole supplier of the world-leading fire damper range from UK specialist Flamgard Calidair.

Flamgard Calidair is global force in the design, innovation, and manufacture of high-integrity damper products for numerous applications including tunnels, marine vessels, and nuclear power stations. The company’s systems have most recently been employed in the epic New Safe Confinement project that is working to improve conditions at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

“Everyone who knows dampers knows Flamgard’s are the best,” comments Eldridge vice president Joe Davis, “which is why we’re so happy to have sewn up this exclusive deal. From now on any business or organization in the north or south American continents who need access to the pinnacle of high integrity dampers will work with Eldridge Ventilation and Noise Control.”

“Eldridge is a trusted brand,” adds Flamgard’s managing director Steve Edwards, “so we’re delighted to be able to place our product range in their capable hands. People know that Eldridge will only supply the most appropriate solution for any ventilation project and in many cases that means Flamgard’s dampers. We’ve worked with Eldridge for a long time previously so we’re 100% confident we’ve made the right choice for customers across the Atlantic.”

Flamgard Calidair’s range includes fire dampers, blast dampers, volume control dampers, and pressure relief dampers, serving a range of markets such as metro/tunnel, industrial, oil and gas, and nuclear.

“Above all,” adds Davis, “this agreement is about shared values, shared vision, and a shared desire to offer solutions to our customers at the very highest standards.”

To find out more about the business and its rigorous product development and testing regimes, check out the Flamgard Calidair website

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