Ventilation and Noise Control

We have over 70 years experience across various markets.



We’ve designed hundreds of ventilation systems for offshore applications and our work can be seen on the majority of the world’s offshore fleet. Our engineers are HUET trained and ready to be deployed to just about any location worldwide.

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From chemical plants to underground mines, metal foundries to painting facilities, we have engineered ventilation and air volume control systems across a variety of industrial applications.

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Gas Pipeline

Our electric motor cooling systems for gas pipeline compressor stations are state-of-the-art. These systems are guaranteed to keep your equipment running smoothly and cool without heat-induced complications.

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We understand the specific ventilation and noise control needs for power generation facilities, and because of our vast experience in this arena, we can provide insight into which methods work and which methods don’t.

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Food Processing

From excessive frost buildup on freezer machinery to noisy production lines, we’ve dealt with the most challenging air movement problems in food processing facilities. From meat processing to bottling facilities, we are prepared to solve your toughest problems.

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People pass through vehicular tunnels every day in huge numbers. Commuters don’t often think about what it takes to keep them safe and properly ventilated, but it is a job that if not done right can have serious consequences.

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Eldridge is proud to be named one of IAP’s Top Ten representatives for 2016. We sell IAP’s centrifugal blowers in a number of industrial applications. They are efficient, sturdy, and reliable. Our customers are always pleased with their performance. We …

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